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Category: Gaskets
Topoge Gaskets
Black Rubber Gaskets Molded flexible rubber gaskets to fit any type of boilers.
Topoge Rubber Gaskets
Topoge Flexatallic Gaskets
Low Water Cut Off Gaskets
Flexatallic Gaskets Used on high pressure and high temperature applications.
McDonnell & Miller LWCO Gaskets We carry gaskets for all types of low water cut-offs. Paper or teflon gaskets available.
Rope Gasket
Ceramic Fiber Rope Non-combustible, non-asbestos, used on boilers or ovens for a tight seal. Sizes 1/4" up to 2-1/2"
Ceramic Fiber Rope Gasket
Ceramic Fiber Tape Gasket
Tadpole Gasket
Fiber Tape Gasket Non-combustible, non-asbestos, up to 1000F Sizes 1/2" wide up to 5" wide.
Tadpole Gasket Consists of a core for the sealing area and a tail for fastening. All different sizes available.
Blanket and Fiber Board
Ceramic Fiber Blanket Flexible and available in wide variety of thickness & widths. Used for lining in boilers, furnaces, etc.
Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Ceramic Fiber Board
Spray Adhesive
Ceramic Fiber Board High temperature and very durable fiber board used for lining boilers and furnaces.
Spray Adhesive Spray Adhesive is a super glue that can be used on just about anything including rope gasketing on boiler doors, insulating blankets, gaskets around woodstove doors, etc.
Handhole and Manhole Cover Plates
Handhole Cover Plates We handle handhole cover plates for all types of boilers.
Handhole Cover Plates
Manhole Cover Plates
Curved or Flat Handhole Cover Plates
Manhole Cover Plates We handle manhole cover plates for all types of boilers.
Curved or Flat Handhole Cover Plates We stock curved and flat handhole cover plates. Any radius that you may need we can get.

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